Travel Through Time To Experience The Year 2050 With DREAM THE FUTURE

Join Sigourney Weaver as she narrates an inspiring journey through humanity’s future, exploring real solutions to the world’s most pressing challenges. “Dream the Future” debuts on CuriosityStream. (PRNewsfoto/CuriosityStream)

Each day, the pace of change continues to accelerate with technological advancements, environmental changes and evolving lifestyles. As we look to the future, life may appear completely different from today. Fast forward to 2050, as DREAM THE FUTURE calls on 100 visionary experts from all over the world who are creating real solutions to our biggest challenges.

With innovations destined to revolutionize our lives, some seem more like science fiction, but they all have the power to become reality. The first season of the documentary series recently debuted on CuriosityStream’s streaming and on-demand platform.

Narrated by the iconic and award-winning actress, Sigourney Weaver, DREAM THE FUTURE takes viewers inside the worlds of medicine, homes, food, transportation, entertainment, work, waste, cities, cooking and sports – to collectively dream how each will evolve with the progress of time.  Featuring stunning visuals, each episode of DREAM THE FUTURE aspires to answer the question, “What will the world be like in 2050?” The series represents the latest addition to CuriosityStream’s library of documentary features and series.

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Episode 1 – CITIES
Cities are now the heart of our societies; as economic and cultural centers, they attract more and more people.  What will our cities look like in 2050? How will they be able to accommodate the one million additional people who arrive every week?  3D modeling and the power of algorithms are already revolutionizing architects’ and urban planners’ work.

Episode 2 – HOMES
The home, in and of itself, symbolizes a multitude of universal values: comfort, security, happiness, intimacy and freedom. But we now face a new dilemma: every week, one million people around the world move into cities. At this rate, two-thirds of the nine billion people living on Earth in 2050 will be city residents. The home of the future must, therefore, respond to new human, social and environmental issues. So, what will homes look like in 2050?

At the dawn of the 21st century, our existing modes of transport have reached their limits. CO2 emissions are skyrocketing; climate change is a reality and the situation is now critical. What will it be like in 2050, when over nine billion people inhabit the Earth, and two out of every three people live in a city?

Episode 4 – WASTE
Today, 15 billion waste products are produced every year in the world: organic, plastic and electronic waste, sometimes toxic and dangerous. If we continue at this rate, in 2050 we will produce twice as much.  Fortunately, innovations are emerging around the world to considerably reduce our waste: development of circular economies, the spread of composting, repair cafes, etc.

Episode 5 – FOOD
How will we feed nine billion people in 2050? Will we go from being simple consumers to real actors in terms of food? Will we be eating beetles the same way we munch on pistachios or almonds? Will food become completely personalized and adapted to the individual’s biological profile?

Episode 6 – SPORT
Today, technology seems to have conquered every playing field at a time when individual performance and personal records appear to be reaching their limits.  This episode will show how athletes of 2050 will have an array of novel advantages at their disposal, including big data, exoskeletons, new playing fields, new adversaries and new disciplines.

Today, virtual reality headsets are reaching the masses and can already let users dive into spectacular new worlds. From our couches, we can now float through space, fly over New York, or zip along roller coasters. For the viewer’s immersion in the virtual world to be complete, pioneers are developing technologies that make graphics ultra-realistic.

Episode 8 – COOKING
Everywhere, we are seeing “foodmania” in globally successful reality TV shows and the multiplication of “food porn” photos and hashtags on social networks. In 2050, cooking will also have to respond to environmental challenges: be sustainable, preserve the planet’s resources and cope with the overconsumption of meat by turning to new ingredients such as algae or insects.

Episode 9 – WORK
In 2050, there will be seven billion workers and five generations working together.  Digital transformations, the generalization of robotics and the explosion of Big Data and the Cloud in the workplace open up immense possibilities. They also revolutionize the labor market and the way we choose our employees, digitalize discussions and delegate tasks to ever more efficient algorithms and robots.

Episode 10 – MEDICINE
In 2050, will medicine prevent rather than cure? Will we be capable of printing organs on demand? Will physically-challenged patients wear bionic prosthetics? This episode will reveal how medicine in 2050 will be perfectly targeted and adapted to the individual as well as accessible to everyone. Just as science fiction already imagined, medicine in 2050 will be reparative and regenerative.

DREAM THE FUTURE is produced by Bonne Pioche and Update Productions in association with CuriosityStream and distributed by About Premium Content.

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How do you envision the world in 2050? In what ways do you think that technology will alter our daily lives as you look to the future? Please post your comments now!

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