Arena 1 Gallery in Santa Monica Presents Out of the Digital Domain

CARL BERG-THE CARS-THE CARS - Pigment print on matte paper mounted on Dibond - 40 x 40 inches
CARL BERG-RACHMANINOFF-PIANO CONCERTO #3 – Dye Sublimation print on Aluminum – 48 x48 inches

Arena 1 in Santa Monica, California, is presenting OUT OF THE DIGITAL DOMAIN, a group exhibition of artworks created with the aid of a computer. In a variety of processes, the artists in this show explore new territories of digital expression. They include Carl Berg, Greg Gioiosa, Ichiro Irie (in a collaboration with Lucas Kazansky) and Cecilia Miniucchi.

Carl Berg Abstracts Lyrics and Musical Notes: Digital Prints and Acrylic Paintings

Works by Carl Berg continue the music album series in which he abstracts lyrics and musical notes, which are output as digital prints and acrylic paintings. Greg Gioiosa presents a new series of photographic works that depict large piles of rubbish. Cropped from their background, these images take on the appearance of abstract paintings, blurring the lines of representation and abstraction.

Ichiro Irie and Lucas Kazansky have collaborated on a project that combines both hand-drawn and hand-painted elements with digital ones. With the use of a digital tablet, the viewer looks at the drawing while animated elements appear to interact with it.

In a new series of works, Cecilia Miniucchi continues her exploration of Roman statues and monuments, mixing images of different cultural backgrounds and different periods, resulting in humorous blended portrayals of ancient Rome and contemporary culture.

She has also created a new series of photographs of busts of Roman women that are combined with text, allowing her to comment on the character of the sculptures. These brief one-line narratives reach out to the emotional content of the woman depicted in the sculpture.

Digital Process Provides Another Form of Artistic Expression

Although the artists all work with technology, the digital aspect of their works quickly disappear, taking viewers into directions specific to each artist. The digital process has become just another way for artists to express themselves, a new tool with many new uses and opportunities for the artists to explore their concepts and ideas.

OUT OF THE DIGITAL DOMAIN at Arena 1 in Santa Monica, California, runs through July 21, 2018.

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