Business Management Expert Baldwin Tom: 5 Principles to Optimize Organizational ROI

“1 + 1 = 7” by Baldwin Tom (PRNewsfoto/Indie Books International)

Business management expert Baldwin Tom encourages leaders to recognize three vital aspects of their organizations: their people, creativity and leveraged interactions. The author’s background as a medical school scientist and professor, track record as the founder of an award-winning science and technology firm and experience as a certified management consultant inform his new book titled “1+1=7″ (Indie Books International).

Tom advises that investing in an organization should not be random and should not be solely to make a good ROI. Ideally, investments should be a strategic decision that leads to an expected outcome beyond a desired ROI.

Seven Capital Investments to Strengthen Enterprises

The book “1+1=7″ highlights seven capital investments that are available to every enterprise. They include  human, relationship, spiritual, customer, organizational, physical and financial.

According to Baldwin Tom, various combinations of investments can lead to improved leadership and management, better communications, a new organization culture, resiliency and sustainability against competition,  greater creativity and innovation and more products and services that increase intellectual property.

Five Key Principles for Optimizing Return on Investments

Here are his five key principles for optimizing ROI:

  1. Seven investments control the success and failure of businesses.
  2. Five of the seven investments (71%) are people focused or derived with two focused on the task (work) side, so people are clearly the most important asset.
  3. Judicious investing in the seven capitals will generate significant ROI that leads to transformational change.
  4. The health and welfare of a business can be assessed with the seven investments.
  5. Experts predict the HR executive will soon focus more on generating value and wealth when dealing with personnel, than mere employee placement.

When there is an investment in technology or other tangible resource, Tom says that making a paired investment on a people-side will magnify the value of the tangible investment.  New technology paired with enhanced understanding and training of the user is most valuable.

Investing in relationships and spiritual capitals that include internal team exercises to build a culture of cooperation, sharing, and congeniality creates a work environment that honors people.

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