7 Steps for Completing a Massive Project: Artsphoria Publishing Debut Novel Production Tips

By Andrea K. Hammer

Approaching, processing and completing a sizable project requires micro- and macro-management. One of the multiple challenges involves balancing detailed tasks while maintaining big-picture vision.

Here are some of the steps taken during the production of the debut novel from Artsphoria Publishing, with tips for tackling and completing other large projects.

    1. Set a realistic deadline: To give concrete shape to a self-directed project, pinpoint a workable time frame for completion. Hitting the sweet spot between ambitious projections and realistic accomplishments will make the work more manageable.
    2. Divide and conquer project elements: To meet the targeted deadline, divide the total number of projected book pages or comparable project elements by the days available. Another option is to divide the desired word count for a book by the number of days allotted to determine daily quotas.
    3. Use prompts to fill blank pages: As any writer knows, blank pages can loom without sparks. If creating and following a constrictive outline doesn’t suit your style, jot down the kernel of idea starters in the corner of notebook pages.
    4. Focus on small chunks: like any large project, the prospect of writing hundreds of pages is daunting for even the most experienced and disciplined writer. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, focus on completing one sentence, paragraph and page at a time.
    5. Limit distractions to increase productivity: The completion of a first draft in a notebook may turn into a boon. Eliminating all distractions may also increase the ability to focus and achieve the goal.
    6. Overcome obstacles to find positive solutions: Most major projects encounter bumps in the road, which may severely test determination, energy and endurance. Instead of caving or succumbing to a pity party, thank the universe for the opportunity to transform unrelenting blockades into points of distinction.
    7. Polish final touches before release: After files are assembled, decisions about cover art, typeface selection and design must be made. Like all projects released into the world, an initial visual presentation has the power to spark readers’ interest.

To contribute to the production of arts- and business-themed books, scripts and videos, see https://ifundwomen.com/projects/artsphoria-inclusive-collaborative-publishing. Then, check back soon to see the cover art and title reveal of Artsphoria Publishing‘s debut novel soon!

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