8 Secrets of Unrelenting Persistence

By Andrea K. Hammer

When roadblocks appear at every turn, strength and persistence will enable you to  discover and follow an alternative route. Despite a severe dent in your energy, hidden stores of determination will help you reach the desired goal.

Here are 8 secrets of persistence to assist in fortifying tenacity:

  1. Explore other paths: Different roads may lead to the same destination. If you cannot continue along the originally planned route, find another way to complete your work.
  2. Consider different formats: Although you may prefer a specific method for presenting material, other approaches will provide effective options. If you allow the original vision for a project to take a different shape, the results may achieve even greater impact with a new audience.
  3. Change course: When you repeatedly experience the same problems after countless attempts to solve them the same way, change course. Eliminate the time wasters to find a workable resolution.
  4. Affirm discovery of a solution: As the wise woman who inspired Artsphoria’s forthcoming debut novel suggested, tell yourself that you will find a solution. This affirmation will encourage and lead to that result.
  5. Take a rest to recharge: If you experience a stamina dip while meeting this challenge, take a rest to recharge your batteries. Instead of constantly pushing to find the answer, permission to take a time-out will actually refresh your problem-solving skills.
  6. Walk away to gain perspective: Allowing yourself to take a walk and get some exercise will place some useful distance on the issue. While sparking your synapses, the physical activity away from your desk may offer a new idea for solving the puzzle.
  7. Remember original motivation: Recall and repeat the reasons for starting and wanting to complete your project. Like Artsphoria’s debut novel, the desire to honor and preserve the wisdom of an extraordinary person while helping others will refocus the larger goal.
  8. Bounce back with renewed determination: Use the energy generated during this process to complete the remaining and necessary steps. Double your efforts to jump any and all hurdles–or find a way to go over or under them.

With clarity, focus and determination, you have the power to complete any project with these secrets of persistence.

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Andrea Karen Hammer, a Philadelphia-based freelance writer, is the founder, CEO and owner of Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing, Media Group & Shop (https://www.artsphoria.org). She leads the operation and innovation at Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center (https://www.artsphoria.biz), Artsphoria Event Advertising & Reporting (https://www.artsphoria.info); Artsphoria International Magazine (https://www.artsphoria.com), Artsphoria Movie Reviews & Film Forum (https://www.artsphoria.us); Artsphoria: Food for the Soul (https://artsphoria.live); Artsphoria's Animation & Imagination World (https://www.artsphoria.net) and Artsphoria Shop (https://artsphoriashop.com).

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