Sparks of Innovation and the Creative Process

By Andrea K. Hammer

Are you an artist, writer or creator who keeps waiting for the pandemic and other strife around the world to pass? Do you need the ideal circumstances to incubate new ideas, develop current projects or complete interrupted ones?


Impact of Pandemic and Other Issues on Sparks of Innovation

Maybe you need to feel rested and free from concerns about global health and conflict for your work to thrive. Perhaps a certain level of angst fuels your creative process, whereas an unending overload numbs the mind and snuffs out the sparks of innovation.

This Moment Matters

If we have learned anything from the massive illness and loss on multiple levels during the last few years, the reality is that this moment is the one that matters. As we slosh our way through the mud of the lingering pandemic and other issues, creators need to find the clarity of mind and focus to realize the following today:

Be Here Now

~Ram Dass

Unfettered dreams: Has the pandemic hampered a project that you’ve wanted to launch of longed to complete? Do you think that current external limitations are hindering your progress? Although artists, writers and creators undoubtedly have suffered with the periodic shuttering of venues and limits on audience sizes as well as conditions, no one can ultimately block the creative process except themselves.

Unobstructed steps: Are you an artist, writer, or creator who has encountered endless obstacles during the last few years? Do you think that even doubling your efforts and exploring non-traditional routes will land you at another dead end? Even in the best of times, the life of a creator is riddled with challenges, and the pandemic is simply a triple test of our mettle.

Unblocked goals: Does wearing a double suit of armor still offer little protection while reading the news each day? Does the constant barrage of horrifying events douse any positive energy needed to tackle your goals? To create motion again and re-ignite the sparks of innovation, simply take any small step in the creative process to advance your project or dream.

Right here, right now. This moment. Begin again today!


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