Determined entrepreneurs often work day and night to ensure that their start-ups go the distance. They move new businesses forward and bounce back from missteps after their first leap into the marketplace. With the infusion of capital from investors, these enterprises have the chance to build a solid foundation.

What have these entrepreneurs learned along the sometimes bumpy path of growing various businesses? Who are the behind-the-scenes investors giving new enterprises the opportunity to survive and thrive? Throughout Artsphoria: Arts, Business and Technology Center, you will learn about their experiences and benefit from their insights.

Entrepreneurs and investors searching for the right connections can take advantage of our directory, advertising and communications services. Artsphoria’s team can also save you the expense of full-time staff members and provide project support whenever needed. If you don’t have time to research information about potential investors, engineers for a new product, designers for eye-catching packaging or any other custom request, contact us!