Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center offers communications and media services to support arts administrators, business owners, product developers and others. Here are some of the details:

Article and blog writing: Our creative communications team can generate an endless stream of original ideas and content when you don’t have time. These articles and blogs can be posted on Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center, Artsphoria International Magazine as well as other sites.

Bios and profiles: Do you need help writing an interesting bio or profile for a listing on Artsphoria’s business directory or your site? Do you need text for exhibit, presentation or other packages? Our experienced arts and business writers have you covered.

Book proposals: Do you have an idea for a book buzzing in your head but lack the time to develop your concept? Artsphoria’s team has worked in the publishing industry for decades and can share our expertise creating proposals that will land you a deal.

Event planning, marketing and reporting: Artsphoria organizes independent and co-sponsored events, featuring dynamic arts and business leaders. Instructive and inspiring presentations build on the shared commitment to serve our communities. Along with event planning, management and marketing, experienced writers can cover your event to ensure long-lasting media exposure through articles posted on Artsphoria Media Group’s multiple channels.

Meeting, conference and investor pitch packages: Do you need help creating the content for investor pitch presentations or business conferences? Artsphoria’s team knows that time is short for these projects and provides critical support, allowing you to arrive completely prepared and composed.

Pitches for articles and books: Would you like to place articles about your work in print and on-line publications or need help handling and tracking book proposals? Artsphoria’s experts can take these time-consuming tasks off your overflowing to-do list and send you regular progress updates.

Press and media kits: If you are presenting a new gallery exhibit, offering an innovative business service or just released a new product or book, Artsphoria’s team can help you prepare essential press and media kits. From writing and distributing press releases to assembling the strongest photos to tell your story effectively, we will save you extensive time gathering polished materials.

Publicity plans: If you just launched a start-up or need to attract new customers, Artsphoria’s experts specialize in developing detailed publicity plans. We excel at dreaming up new ways to make connections, so your business or project can reach its full potential.

Research reports: Are you searching for a comprehensive and detailed list of engineers, product designers or investors who are a good match for your new product or service? When you need to get your business off the ground and focus on daily operations, Artsphoria’s experienced researchers can produce any type of report with specially requested details.

Scripts for podcasters and speakers: When you have a busy schedule of podcasts and speaking engagements, time is short for the creative thinking need to write new scripts. You can depend on Artsphoria’s communications team to write these for you on deadline, so you can prepare to engage your audience completely.

Social media: When you are busy running an arts organization or business, the full-time demands of social media can swallow up valuable time. With the support of Artsphoria’s pros, we will keep the spotlight on your new products and services, so you can focus on the business at hand.

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