One of the powerful choices that business owners can make is the decision to help others. Beyond working exclusively for profit, they use their connections, knowledge and revenue for a greater good. These committed entrepreneurs integrate plans to benefit those in need into their core mission, which often drives their enterprise to even higher levels of success.

Fortunately, this good work has multiplied in many corners of the world. When you’re busy, we’ll help you keep up with–and connect with–these social good projects. From stories about donating a portion of sales to homeless shelters to entrepreneurs who give away a pair of shoes for every one purchased, Artsphoria is dedicated to supporting and spreading the word about these model businesses.

Artsphoria: Arts, Business and Technology Center offers discounted services for social good projects. If you would like to develop larger publicity plans or create media kits, our communications team can provide assistance. To support your good work, we also pitch articles to other publications and display features on these pages or our sister site Artsphoria International Magazine.

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