Every day, new technological developments are emerging with greater speed. From arts tools enabling remote visits to museums and drone-powered deliveries speeding up retail operations, brilliant developers are making the once unimaginable immediately within reach. With the power to improve the quality of longer lives, the combined forces of the arts and design with business and technology are resulting in astonishing inventions.

Who exactly had the vision to create houses that unfold in less than 10 minutes? Which tech teams conceived of wheelchairs assisting disabled users to stand and reclaim their independence? Artsphoria: Arts, Business and Technology Center will share the phenomenal results of blending creative thinking with business acumen and technological prowess.

Do you have a story that you would like to tell about your work in this unique space? Would you like help conceiving and executing a publicity plan for your new product of service? Are you searching for a detailed list of engineers or investors to move your project forward quickly?

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