Although the number of women running their own business needs to increase, the determination of those on board is staggering. With a gift for creating distinctive brands, some are opening clear paths for female entrepreneurs of all ages. Through a special blend of acuity, compassion and tough mindedness when needed to achieve their goals, many women are blazing a trail in the business world and changing the fabric of the workplace with their authoritative presence.

The team at Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center is in awe of women entrepreneurs and business owners. Their courage and confidence to take risks, ability to juggle multiple roles and think clearly about the bottom line are sources of daily inspiration. We particularly admire the ones who find the time to mentor other women and show girls, by example, that achieving any dream is absolutely within reach.

Along with these uplifting stories, Artsphoria: Arts, Business & Technology Center and Artsphoria International Magazine will spotlight some of the challenges that women in business face. We’ll cover the stumbling blocks that female entrepreneurs encounter to spark an important discussion. In these must-read profiles, you’ll also find valuable business tips and solutions.

Do you know a woman trailblazer in the arts, business or technology industries? Are you a female entrepreneur who is making a positive impact through social good projects? Make sure that you are listed in our directory, and contact us about other services whenever you need additional support.