Rutgers University-Newark Center for Urban Entrepreneurship & Economic Development Program Seeds First Spinoff in Memphis

Rutgers University-Newark Center for Urban Entrepreneurship and Economic Development (CUEED) in conjunction with ArtUp, an award-winning Memphis-based creative enterprise, has announced an exciting new program. The Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program will further empower creatives to achieve business success.

Business Education Tools and Entrepreneurial Mentorship for Artists and Creatives

The Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program leverages a leading program of the Rutgers-Newark CUEED for artists and creatives with business education tools and entrepreneurial mentorship. This combination is producing options for longer-term business sustainability for artists, creatives and their communities.

“ArtUp reimagines the creative economy. The Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program will help transform the way artists work, from the gigging and part-time, starving artist to a thriving creative business owner and creative entrepreneur,” says Linda Steele, CEO of ArtUp.

Lyneir Richardson, Rutgers-Newark CUEED Executive Director adds, “Our intention in collaborating with ArtUp is to elevate creative people who operate in media, art and entertainment industries in Memphis. We aim to help creatives, (especially people of color) to become stronger entrepreneurs and property owners.”

ArtUp Events to Kick-Off of the Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program

ArtUp kicks off the Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program at their new location in the South Main Artspace, 138 St. Paul St., Suite 119. There will be two events:

The public is invited to the ArtUp Open House on Saturday, July 14, 2018, from 2 to 4 p.m. Paul Thomas, ArtUp Artist in Residence, will reveal his provocative installation titled, “Imagined and Real: THREADS OF LIFE.”  The public will be able to learn more about the Memphis Business Hub program and how creatives can participate. Refreshments will be provided by ArtUp Fellow Chef Eli Townsend, along with a special tour of the Artspace Loft units.

Additionally, several ArtUp ambassadors and creative entrepreneurs will be available for networking, including:

  • Angels and Tomboys, all-natural fragrance company of sister kid-preneurs, funded by Daymond John and Mark Cuban from ABC’s Shark Tank.
  • Tonya Dyson, unmistakable vocal Memphis music talent of NeoSoulsville, blending the heritage of gospel, jazz and R&B into a unique sound.
  • Justin Merrick, Grammy-nominated artist who leads JMuse, non-profit focused on healing communities through arts and music.

The second event is a robust Creative Entrepreneurs’ Panel on Monday July 16, 2018, from 10 a.m. to noon. This panel will feature Memphis Business Hub ambassadors, business leaders from Memphis, Newark Hub alumni and innovators who believe in the importance of the creative economy.

Steele says, “We envision a working, progressive program combining necessary business skills with the vision and talent of artists and creatives, redefined to include chefs and seamstresses and graphic designers. There are no limits on creativity.”

Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program Modeled on Success of the Newark Business Hub

The Memphis Business Hub for Creatives Program is modeled on the success of the Newark Business Hub, established by Rutgers Business School CUEED in 2016. Creatives in the Memphis program will have access to business mentors and coaches, business classes, professional services and business planning education. The Memphis program will recruit participants from across the city with a special focus on residents of the South Main Artspace Lofts.


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