3 Key Business Reasons to Remember Why Content Is Queen

Many chess players think that the queen is the most powerful piece. Similarly, in other arenas including business, it is vital to remember that content is queen.

By Andrea Karen Hammer

Many chess players think that the most powerful piece is the queen. This mover has the ability to glide across any number of squares in unlimited directions. With strategic thinking, the queen can conquer opponents and win the game.

In many other arenas–particularly business–it is important to embody and engage this frequently overlooked and untapped power. Specifically, here are several important reasons to remember why content is queen while establishing your business brand:

  1. Inclusive language: In this twist on the generally used phrase that “content is king,” Artsphoria’s writing experts urge business owners to use inclusive language when addressing audiences. From CEOs to sales professionals and every member contributing to any enterprise, it is vital to select words that will speak to everyone’s presence and experience. The choice of phrases in any type of message has the power to communicate basic acknowledgment and respect.
  2. Distinct brand: Did this play on a generally accepted content description catch your attention? When you express a unique viewpoint and convey the personal aspects of your business, readers and potential customers pause as they swim through a constant stream of messages. Unusual ways of expressing often repeated–but old and flat–ideas allow the development and shaping of your distinct business brand.
  3. Business values: Many customers prefer to do business with those who share common values and goals. Every word in any communication that you send into the world conveys your values and priorities to others. If you think that acknowledging women as a vital part of the business world is important, select words that communicate these principles.

Without a doubt, it is easy to slip into standard phrasing and unintentionally disregard half of your audience. If your goal is to connect with others through well-received messages, take a few moments to review business communications carefully before you let them rip.

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