7 Examples of Highly Effective Marketing Messages and Advertising Campaigns

This Rodin Museum window ad is one to love: clever, visually engaging and masterful!

By Andrea Karen Hammer

What do you think is essential for successful ads and marketing campaigns? As you watch television and movie promos, consider the ones that make you say, “Wow!” or others that prompt you to ask: “What just happened?”

Identifying Effective Ads by Pinpointing the Reverse

To start this process of identifying a successful ad or marketing campaign, let’s pinpoint elements that create ho-hum reactions and do not leave an impression–or worse. Some offenders in marketing campaigns include:

  • Lack of clarity identifying the company or sponsor
  • Cluttered messages producing a confusing result
  • Dull copy and lackluster images that do not engage
  • Unidentifiable call to action
  • Missing contact information

Detailing Positive Factors in Outstanding Marketing 

The most successful ads and marketing campaigns require minimal effort and are immediately recognizable. Some stellar marketing campaigns by companies like Target simply use a logo and bright colors for instant brand identification.

During our daily ad watch, these successful examples jumped to the top of our list for the following reasons:

1. Compelling Image, Clever Copy and Simple but Strong Typography

This Rodin Museum window ad is one to love: clever, visually engaging and masterful!

When this window ad in Center City Philadelphia was spotted, the riveting image of  Rodin’s sculpture demanded immediate attention. As an added bonus, the clever copy and simple but strong typography create a memorable marketing message for an outstanding museum.

2. Bold Colors and Striking Graphics

This striking ad for exhibits throughout the Philadelphia Airport is highly successful because of simple graphics and typography. Bright colors also grab immediate attention–even when travelers are racing for their destination.

3. Invitation for Interaction and Child-Like Wonder 

This ad for a pop-up in the new Fashion District Philadelphia mall builds on the first elements of swirling colors to create major energy and a sense of curiosity. An emphasis on interaction makes this viewer step right into the ad!

4. Upbeat Message Encouraging an Easy Approach

In this brilliant feel-good marketing message, ULTA Beauty hits a home run! Instead of making customers think that they need to use their products to compensate for flaws, ULTA Beauty helps them feel great–eliminating resistance and increasing the desire to learn more.

5. Window Displays With Great Designs to Welcome Visitors 

In this outstanding window display at Macy’s in Philadelphia, the store visibly showcases the work of a talented designer in the Fashion Incubator program. As a clear sign of support for arts and business partnerships, this use of prime-time space is a way for creative businesses to make unforgettable statements and pull visitors straight through the door.

6. Visual Storytelling and Customer Engagement

Macy’s marketing team earns double notice for a distinctive #STORYatMacys campaign. Through visual storytelling, themed displays cluster products of interest, including artistic items, to engage visitors and encourage active participation.

7. Simple Question on Store Board Displaying Customers’ Answers 

This simple yet subtle marketing technique in a local Starbucks wins the prize for successful engagement in the Social Media Age. The underlying message behind the upbeat question is one that creates a caring Starbucks community, which many find appealing at the start of each day!

Marketing Consultant Creating and Promoting Highly Effective Advertising Campaigns

Do you need an experienced copywriter or advertising coordinator to work on effective ad campaigns? Would you like to hire a creative marketing consultant to promote your business and sing your praises?

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