8 Tips for Objective Business Analysis and Marketing Reviews

By Andrea Karen Hammer

In the swirl of keeping up with email, social media, website updates, project deadlines and meetings, you may run short on time for essential tasks: objective business analysis and marketing reviews.

Before the demands of the new year sweep you into the same whirl, press the pause button to step back and assess your business to ensure productivity and growth. Before additional appointments and obligations multiply, carve out a block of distraction-free time to consider the following points to reap unlimited benefits for your company:

  1. Assess marketing materials through prospective clients’ eyes: Imagine visiting your website or viewing a newsletter about a new business for the first time. Are all of the key components such as contact information and a call to action in a central and directly accessible  place? Is the text easy to read and understand? Take time to pinpoint the missing or weak areas before taking swift action to remedy them.
  2. Use an “About” page to form personal connections and list skills, experience and credentials: This page may determine if a prospect becomes a client. When reviewing your website, check that useful information is prominently highlighted to encourage new partnerships. Also, a compelling and engaging story as well as evidence about passion for your work will increase a prospect’s receptivity to forming a new business relationship.
  3. Determine if services and benefits for clients are clearly identified and articulated: Make clients aware that your time, experience and skills require fair compensation for quality work. Instead of allowing clients to tune into the “free” aspect of the “freelance” misnomer, present detailed information about paid services, which you provide as an experienced consultant.
  4. Identify weaknesses and eliminate distractions: Can you honestly identify the elements that are not working well in your business or marketing materials? Despite best efforts, what presentations or projects have not achieved the desired results? This assessment requires unflinching objectivity but will ultimately fortify your business.
  5. Pinpoint recurring obstacles and take action to remove them: If you face the same issues every day, have you taken concrete steps to resolve them? Every business owner must take the necessary time to find effective resolutions; otherwise, these stumbling blocks will continue to drain energy and impede growth.
  6. Continue building on successes and follow up: What aspects of your business have produced the greatest results? Which services do prospects want to explore or absolutely need? Keep a list of those who expressed interest in your offerings and follow up with details about adding value and easing pressure on their companies.
  7. List specific goals and plan specifically how to go from A to Z: Instead of simply wanting more business, list the exact steps needed to secure new clients. Research prospects who need your services, prepare presentation packages and follow up to determine interest or answer questions. New clients generally don’t walk through your door without encouragement, so methodically determine and address each step needed to seal a deal.
  8. Redirect professional advice given to others back to your own business: During objective business analysis and marketing reviews, consider the advice you would give to clients seeking growth. Do you need to follow the toughest writers’ guideline and eliminate your “little darlings” (i.e., delete a favorite phrase or aspect of your business, which doesn’t resonate with others)? What is the best advice you can give yourself to enable business prosperity?

Instead of just thinking about some of these points and questions, create a precise action plan to reach your goals this year. If you can’t achieve all of them independently, explore Artsphoria’s marketing and communications services.

Are you are speaker who needs help researching special events and conferences? Would you like help with consistent blog writing or book marketing? For details about Artsphoria’s marketing and communications services including blog writing and book marketing, contact Founder & Director Andrea Karen Hammer at artsbiz@protonmail.com.


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