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By Andrea Karen Hammer

One “silver lining” of the last months is pausing to reflect on priorities. First and foremost, we share the common hope that our families, friends, neighbors and colleagues stay well and healthy.

During this period of focusing on the basics, many of us have re-considered the way we work. With increased opportunities to work remotely–and spend more time with loved ones–some have shifted the work-life balance. Many  have become even more aware about the value of each highly prized day–and the pressing dreams left to realize.

New Branch Recently Launched: Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing

In response to the pandemic and social unrest, a desire to help others has taken shape by launching a new branch of our company: Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing, Media Group & Shop.

As a veteran of the publishing world, my full-circle vision started with the need to complete several books and movie scripts, which have been in the works for years. The last months have permitted–or insisted on–a disciplined approach and deliberate concentration despite all of the troubling news. While trying to complete my first book, I’ve learned that this long writing format requires training and pacing for a massive word marathon.

As a result, I also want to help others take control of the publishing process by developing, completing and producing their digital, print and audio books. To offer this editorial and production assistance, Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing will focus on:

  • Building the strength and contributions of diverse women and expanding their visibility
  • Helping women and families to heal through multi-format articles, books and scripts
  • Increasing the presence of positive multicultural stories and images
  • Providing self-publishing services including writing, editing and production
  • Supporting fellow creators through contests with prizes including publicity and possible compensation with adequate crowdfunding

Contest Celebrating Multicultural Global Cities to Support Artists, Photographers & Videographers

Now that I am working on the second half of my book, thoughts about compelling visual elements and a desire to collaborate with fellow artists prompted ideas for the following contest:

When you submit your illustrations, photos and videos, please also include a brief description about the inspiration and thought process behind the creation of your work.

Solutions to Help Cope With Pandemic and Social Unrest

Here are some of the solutions that Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing is providing to cope with the pandemic and social unrest:

  • Art, photo and video contests with a multicultural focus offering publicity and financial prizes with sufficient crowdfunding
  • Production of tribute and memory books to honor loved ones and friends
  • Option to request specific storylines for greater representation in articles, books and scripts in development
  • Complete editorial and production services including digital, print and audio books
  • E-commerce store to help artists and creative entrepreneurs sell their work

Support Mission of Developing and Publishing Multicultural Stories Featuring Strong Women

Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing, Media Group & Shop are committed to developing, publishing and publicizing stories and images about strong women and diverse cultures. Please support this mission by funding these projects, so Artsphoria Inclusive & Collaborative Publishing can create special tribute and memory books honoring families and friends.

With your help and our sincere gratitude, we are ready to spotlight multicultural stories in the headlines of our publications and on our book covers for digital, print and audio books!


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