Artsphoria Publishing’s Debut Novel, Book Production Services and Supply-Chain Solutions

By Andrea K. Hammer

Although the pandemic has fundamentally disrupted most of our lives, many have discovered new opportunities for creativity and innovation. Here are some of the ways that the last 18 months have prompted artistic growth at Artsphoria Publishing, along with some solutions for supply-chain issues in the publishing industry:

Tackling Complex Fiction Project Integrating Non-Fiction Elements

With the pandemic crystallizing priorities, the need to tackle an envisioned book blending fiction and non-fiction became a pressing goal. As a source of personal healing, the debut book from Artsphoria Publishing also addresses universal issues: sustenance and strength through the arts to withstand illness, grief and loss.

Revisiting Love of Drawing to Create Book Illustrations

Additional and focused time during the pandemic has encouraged rediscovery of early creative passions such as drawing. During early-morning outdoor meditation, patterns of light shifting across a tree offered inspiration for a chapter illustration in Artsphoria Publishing’s debut novel. To read an excerpt before the book release, see

Creation of Colorful Handmade Book Covers

The pandemic has also permitted concentrated time working on favorite craft projects. During time spent figuring out how to sew together book pages and covers, we also experimented with different materials while assembling covers to accentuate the visual and tactile aspects of the reading experience. Drawing inspiration from The Penland Book of Handmade Books, we join this commitment to preserving and exalting unique renditions of book art.

Solutions to Supply-Chain Issues in the Publishing Industry

To provide solutions to supply-chain issues in the publishing industry, Artsphoria Publishing produces handmade books independently from start to finish. Our team focuses on every detail–word by word, page by page and stitch by stitch. To take advantage of our book production services, see

Do you need help completing your fiction or non-fiction book? Reserve time for creative book production services now!


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