5 Tips for Managing Business Growth

By Andrea Karen Hammer

When a business is in expansion mode like Artsphoria Events & Media Group, vision and focus are essential to maintain alignment. For our enterprise, the force propelling every aspect of this creative work focuses on the powerful impact of the arts in multiple industries.

Growth of Artsphoria Events & Media Group

Our company’s growth began when Artsphoria’s first online publication, launched in 2004, evolved into Artsphoria International Magazine. Then, to follow innovation and integration of three key industries, Artsphoria: Arts, Business and Technology Center emerged several years ago.

Keeping pace with fundamental changes in media, Artsphoria Event Planning, Marketing & Reporting provided the opportunity to present our own arts and business interviews and demos with creative entrepreneurs while providing advertising and media services for other special events.


Artsphoria Movie Reviews & Film Forum extended our coverage of new releases on Artsphoria International Magazine. Along with sharing tips from our daily watch list gathered from our library’s extensive collection, we also wanted to raise questions and open a dialogue about the film-making process.

The original tagline and visual concept for Artsphoria: Food for the Soul resurfaced with a focus on culinary artistry. From business-driven chefs who present dishes and special creations with the eye of artists to photography capturing these images in exquisite detail, this special edition explores the art of beautifully presented food.

With a growing interest in exploring new tools for storytelling, Artsphoria Animation and Imagination World was launched to develop innovative reporting formats. Tapping into the playful spirit of children, this publication highlights the essence of free-flowing creativity in children’s books, videos, toys and more.

Guidelines for Handling Business Growth

How do we handle the daily needs of these editions and others in development? Here are some of our guidelines, which support the management of Artsphoria’s business growth.

  1. Maintain focus: On a daily basis, the ability to remain hyper-focused on your company’s mission is critical. As distractions threaten to pull attention and project development in a million directions, the determination not to dilute core messages will help your business stay on the envisioned course.
  2. Fuel core engine of your business: To maintain alignment of the different components of your business, fuel the core engine, which is propelling each one. As you develop individual segments, ensure balance and harmony by building on a solid central foundation.
  3. Set achievable daily goals: Once you’ve controlled external time wasters, the next challenge is realistically determining manageable tasks and isolating competing demands each day. Instead of over-reaching, set up a daily schedule with a couple of projects for one or two subdivisions, which can be completed with a sense of achievement.
  4. Consistently rotate attention: You may find that one aspect of your business draws your interest and time at the expense of others. To avoid neglecting the needs and steady growth of each element, plan regular review and steps forward for each business division.
  5. Keep your eye on the big picture: Without a clear view of overarching goals, each part of your business can potentially drift away from central integration into the group. To maintain unity, identify and ground the umbrella organization and secure the spokes embracing individual parts.

Watching your business grow is an exciting process. With careful attention, steady guidance and a constant eye on your mission, new additions–our editions in Artsphoria’s case–will result in the desired goal: helping others through the extended reach of your services.

Comments About Business Growth for Creative Entrepreneurs

What are some of the challenges that your company has faced during business growth? As a creative entrepreneur, how do you balance developing multiple ideas with the practical needs of daily operations?

Post your comments, and invite others to contribute. Then, email Andrea Karen Hammer, founder and CEO of Artsphoria Events & Media Group at artsbiz@protonmail.com for details about advertising and media services, media coverage of special events and more.







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