3 Ways Technology Is Reshaping Theater Experiences

Technology is continuing to reshape many industries including the arts. Here are some of the latest ways that these innovations are altering theater experiences:

State-of-the-Art Technology in The Theatre of New Celebrity Apex

When Celebrity Cruises launches the Celebrity Apex on March 30, 2020, three new stage shows will feature state-of-the-art technology.

The stunning, contemporary design of The Theatre will incorporate advanced technology features including:

  • 23-foot-tall 4K LED screen, curving around the stage for complete audience immersion
  • New 28-foot-tall circular scrim and eight Panasonic 20K laser projectors for projection mapping to create a 360-degree wrap-around picture
  • 20-foot-tall Tree of Life, complete with more than 3,000 LED leaves, to set the stage for a dramatic new production at sea

These innovations continue advancements started through the Celebrity Edge series, which has received more than 50 awards and recognition as one of TIME Magazine’s 2019 World’s Greatest Places. As one of the world-renowned designers involved in these projects for Celebrity Cruises, Scott Butler, AIA was the visionary architect for Eden and The Theatre.

GalaPro Partners with Epson to Enhance Accessibility on Broadway and Beyond

GalaPro has revolutionized the world of theater with cutting-edge smart phone technology in nearly 100 venues across the United StatesCanada and London. The accessibility and translation services provide theatergoers with hearing and visual disabilities as well as those with translation needs a way to enjoy live performances.

Continuing their partnership with the Shubert Organization, GalaPro is now offering Moverio® augmented reality smart glasses in a new partnership with Epson. The hands-free experience provides real-time captioning and entertainment translation, a solution that offers greater accessibility to and immersion in performances.

In 2020, GalaPro will extend their services beyond the theater world. Museums, conferences and tourist attractions are some of the new venues where people can use this technology to increase their access to information.

Broadway Streaming Services

With the advent of Broadway streaming services in recent years, theater lovers no longer need to travel physically to New York or London. One option, offering more than 200 shows, is BroadwayHD.

The on-demand digital streaming service features access to filmed Broadway and Off-Broadway musicals, plays and concert events. Some of the selections in BroadwayHD‘s catalog include An American in Paris (2017, London) starring Robbie Fairchild, Leanne Cope and Haydn Oakley as well as John Logan’s Tony-winning 2010 play, Red, with Alfred Molina as American painter Mark Rothko. Like other streaming services, subscribers pay a reasonable monthly fee for access to shows in the database.

Many advocates think that theater show streaming is fundamentally altering access to Broadway shows. Others think that this type of theater experience is radically different from experiencing a live show in person.

What do you think about theater show streaming and the other ways that technology is changing our theater experiences?

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