The Art of Good Business: 2 Simple Words and 5 Thoughtful Gestures

By Andrea Karen Hammer

With the hoopla of the holiday season about to ramp up into a frenzy, it’s easy to forget an important aspect of this time of year: to express gratitude to those who make a difference in our lives.

For those who benefit from creative collaborations and colleagues who generously share their connections, the rush of the season may slip by without proper acknowledgment. Even though business associates, faithful workers and valued clients are the backbone of any company, their presence may be taken for granted after many years of contributing to your enterprise.

One simple way to rectify that oversight is to offer a sincere and personal “thank you” note. These two simple words can make a meaningful difference to associates and customers by helping them feel that their efforts and patronage are appreciated.

Fortify Business Relationships During the Holiday Season

To reinforce the sincerity of these words, here are five thoughtful ways to fortify your business relationships during the holiday season:

  1. Send a personal note and unique gift conveying your appreciation: Even a small token of gratitude can surprise and delight a dedicated worker. A bonus item in a customer’s order will definitely leave a lasting impression and encourage ongoing loyalty.
  2. Customize a gift with someone’s name or an inspirational word: When you personalize an item, recipients can visually see that you made an extra effort. Discovering their name on a hand-crafted gift strengthens connections and communicates your esteem, encouraging them to remain dedicated and frequent your store regularly.
  3. Select gift baskets with items of personal interest: Does an employee or customer love gardening or traveling? When you send gift baskets filled with items that they can use during time away from business interactions, they feel completely recognized.
  4. Show signs of support: If employees or longtime customers are dealing with a health crisis or other issues, this simple gesture will give them a memorable boost–particularly during the holidays. They will remember this thoughtful gesture long after their recovery and remain loyal for an extended time.
  5. Celebrate special occasions: Beyond the holiday season, when a sales associate reaches a goal or a customer celebrates a birthday, you can recognize the occasion with a unique gift. Instead of simply reaping the rewards of employees’ labor and customers’ purchases, you can help them enjoy the experience of reciprocity.

When you take the time to say “thank you” with sincerity or send a token of gratitude, your business relationships will ultimately benefit. Take a moment to put these two simple words and five thoughtful gestures into action–and watch the positive results multiply exponentially.

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